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The File of Life is designed to bring important medical information to the attention of EMS personnel in the event of an emergency. Originally designed for seniorís age 60 and older, it is also valuable for anyone of any age.


The File of Life is a red plastic magnetic file folder that attaches to the refrigerator, and contains important medical information about you. (See Image Below) It should be in plain view for any emergency response personnel. Emergency teams are trained to look for the packet when responding to area homes. 


File of Life Information includes: medication taken, allergies, medical conditions, blood type, recent surgery, emergency contact info. physician name and other important information about medical insurance, living will, etc.


File of Life packets are available free of charge at the Burlington Fire Station. Packets can be picked up 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday



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Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector

Illinois law requires that every  home is to have at least 1 working CO detector and smoke detector  within 15ft of every room used for sleeping.